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Earth: 1914

Unlocks at level 3 or with the Mega Maps Pack
#Real World  #World  
Created by skunk940 (all)
Went public on 1/1/2013
Number of ratings: 76
Average rating: 3.5 / 5
125 territories, 95 bonuses, 0 distribution modes


A accurate map of earth in 1914, the world is on the verge of a new era. With the Balklands and South America civil wars recently ending with a shed load of independences the big powers of the world are starting to feel the strain. The scales are on the verge of becoming unbalanced but which way is yet to be decided.

This map features over 30 role play bonuses wich are preset for 0 but can be changed in custom scenairo for roleplays and challenges.


Review by cinereaste on 1/10/2013.
Although I like the idea of a WWI-era map, this map suffers from several flaws.

The use of bubbles to indicate the number of armies in small territories makes things confusing. The Pacific islands are the best example of this. It takes effort to figure out which two bubbles represent territories that are actually adjacent. It should be effortless to determine adjacency. To fix, I would incorporate the bubbles into the territories and not worry about keeping relative sizes accurate. (See the map "Oceania" for example.) You're already using a Mercator projection, after all.

The use of non-contiguous territories is confusing. For example, Canada and Denmark are adjacent. Why? Because Denmark owns Greenland, and so they're treated as one. Another such territory is the Tibetian [sic] Republic. Although non-contiguous territories can add interesting strategic elements to a map, I don't believe they belong in a historic, real-world setting.

British Honduras and El Salvador are adjacent when they shouldn't be.
Response by map creator skunk940 on 7/1/2013
The El Salvador problem has been fixed. While I can see that having country territories may cause issues but if someone invaded one part of your country a state of war is declared for whole country.

This map is historically accurate. The Tibetian Republic was a nation from 1913-1914
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Review by [Bajatn]XeonStorm on 9/6/2013.
Nice map.
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Review by Urfang on 1/2/2013.
Yeah, Caribbean region is a little bit confusing, there are no yellow line between Bermuda and Usa, or Jamaica and Cuba\Haiti. I know they are close to each other but for example Japan and Russia, or Sardinia and Africa is close too but no waterway.

Anyway this is a good map, need some small modification and will be great.
Response by map creator skunk940 on 1/3/2013
Inplanted yellow lines in English Channel and Central American Islands. Now its great!
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Review by Vængerjølmen on 9/25/2015.
On my top 10 list. This this map is so fun.
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Review by Angriest Angel on 1/2/2013.
Hard to tell what teritories connect to others. Love the multiple bonuses.
Response by map creator skunk940 on 1/3/2013
Read the above
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Review by Erzherzog on 5/24/2020.
a realistic map
every nation is 1 territory - so some are giant, others are tiny. that makes it hard to have good balanced game
there only 1 connection through the pacific
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Review by Falcon7676 on 4/16/2022.
Good map all around despite any potential inaccuracies.
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