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Unlocks at level 44 or with the Mega Maps Pack
#Real World  #Asia  
Created by Guiguzi (all)
Went public on 12/16/2012
Number of ratings: 108
Average rating: 3.7592 / 5
188 territories, 42 bonuses, 10 distribution modes


Thanks to Eitz for letting me use his map.

4 bonuses worth 0, 38 bonuses worth 1-6.


Review by Ⓖ. Ⓐrun on 12/17/2012.
Pretty good map. At least one missing territory link (blue island, I think is called Taipei). It is quite an important link-hinders your getting a quick bonus. The ap is fun to play on though-Good job!
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Review by dodo comander on 12/17/2012.
Good map, I feel like the north lacks at least 1 bonus with a good ratio. Maybe adding a 3 or(2) bonus up there would make a good safe bonus option and would make the bonus all around possible counter picks.

Also,I think heilongilanf (in northeast china) should not connect to all the territories in "south russia".

Also missing connection Kaohsiung -> Taipei (in Taiwan)

Good job on making a nice playable 3v3 map thanks for your hard work.
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Review by Nimzo on 12/19/2012.
Good map, but the top is too close to the edge. Maybe add some grey-zone.
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Review by Christian 'Thor' Picard on 12/19/2012.
Nice map, I only see two problems: the south don't get enough bonuses compare to the north and one missing connection between Taipei and Kaohsiung.
Otherwise, really challenging map, I like it!
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Review by Arbredelaforet Zoulou Powa on 4/17/2013.
Some territories have a lot of frontiers and give not enough money
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Review by An Obese Chimp on 7/3/2013.
Very well done bonuses, not too overpowered. Plenty of opportunities for strategy.
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Review by Ironheart on 12/21/2012.
A truly strategic map,the perfect alternative to those sick of Medium Earth or those looking for a good challenging alternative.I suffered medium earth burn out a while a go and truly dread games on it however this map will truly be the spark that kicks starts a fire and love for 1v1 game play.I also like this map because it gets rids of the inaccuracies in geography in the original strategic asia, the inaccurate geography truly turned me off however a few inaccuracies may exist in this one such as it the map missing out a fraction of turkey the hence leaving a giant gap between europe and asia that should not be.Another geographical inaccuracy is the positioning ogf madagascar which is weird for madagascar should not even be in this portion of the globe.

Questions for Map Maker
Why are the indian islands and pacific islands bonuses so small because they i makes the places undesirable to take.Are the low bonuses so to stop people from taking them so they remain places of key importance?

Good map and border.
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Review by Rodney on 12/20/2012.
I think there is a bug kaosiung doesn't neighbour taipei.
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Review by 127592432578 on 7/17/2013.
Any map that doesn't consider Taiwan a part of China deserves an automatic 1/5.
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