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Tropical Island Big

Unlocks at level 36 or with the Mega Maps Pack
Created by Min34 (all)
Went public on 5/25/2013
Number of ratings: 73
Average rating: 3.6164 / 5
830 territories, 147 bonuses, 2 distribution modes


Third map in the Tropical Island series. It is the biggest of them all. It is made so that everywhere you start should be even and because of the fairness of the bonuses you`ll have to use more stragic. Good Luck


Review by [ITALA/US]Ratkchet on 5/26/2013.
It's a good map, but the second map in the series, had bonuses, for big things like controlling all the cities, or the mainland and more general bonuses, like the reefs, I think if you made one more map, just a little bigger, with the bonuses you had in your second map, I would love to play a game on it in multi-player, because I feel that right now it's more suited for games against the AIs on single-player, but that's my opinion
Response by map creator Min34 on 7/13/2013
If more players want it then i'll make a bigger map with those superbonuses included.
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Review by Njugu on 3/31/2015.
This map looks easy
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Review by blueDragon on 11/1/2013.
not very creative map but ok
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Review by Public-Void on 6/19/2013.
OMG -1 for the northern island
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