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Kingdom of Denmark

Created by Moros (all)
Went public on 9/15/2012
Number of ratings: 57
Average rating: 3.4385 / 5
67 territories, 16 bonuses, 1 distribution mode


The full Kingdom of Denmark, with it's oversea territories (Greenland on the top-left, and the Faroe Islands on the top-right) right next to it and connecting as if they were bordering each other. The sizes and locations have been changed to fit the map better, you can see the actual proportions in the bottom-left corner.
Warning: a few territories on the Faroe Islands have multiple exclaves, so you may want to check them out on the preview of this map before playing it, so you don't get surprised.


Review by Sebber the Conqueror on 3/12/2016.
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Review by PeterDN98 on 4/27/2014.
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