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Rush in the Base

Created by Soulstorm (all)
Went public on 8/16/2012
Number of ratings: 44
Average rating: 3.159 / 5
182 territories, 14 bonuses, 0 distribution modes


My idea in this map is to use a standard hexagon to design every territory, many hexagons draws an honeycomb battlefield.

It's just a beta prototype, is playable but it needs a couple of adjustments and probably bonuses need to be balanced in a better way.

My idea of template for this map was a distribution where neutral territory start with 0 army, players receive just 1 army base per turn and an extra army every single territory conquest. For this reason i tryed to put bonuses inside regions (usually it's the region itself), btw honeycomb means that you could be attacked from every direction then playing with "common" borders does not make sense.

It's my first map so if it sucks just tell me and i'll never do maps again =)
Sorry for my english too (cause it sucks for sure xD).


Review by [REGL] Pooh on 8/17/2012.
Needs some distributions settings to balance. (that don't include random start in -30).

Maybe rebalance some of the bonuses for # territories/connections.

Connection line missing between ...trigger and WS5.
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Review by Captain Carrot on 8/27/2013.
Nice and strategically interesting. Some connections bugs though. (seen 2)
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Review by Nathan on 3/13/2015.
It's a neat concept, but the way it's laid out it doesn't make much sense. Also, the connection issues are frequent enough to be really annoying.
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