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Volcano Island (tropical island)

Unlocks at level 4 or with the Mega Maps Pack
Created by Min34 (all)
Went public on 9/18/2012
Number of ratings: 31
Average rating: 3.1612 / 5
108 territories, 19 bonuses, 5 distribution modes


This is a map of Volcano Island. It is a zoomed map on one of the Islands from my other map: Tropical Island. I hope you enjoy it and have a lot of fun


Review by Success on 9/19/2012.
Needs some balancing as the bonus's seem to favour the top side.
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Review by Nathan on 5/20/2014.
This is a fine map - nothing wrong with it. The bonuses are nicely done and the circular outside flow means the game doesn't get bogged down with the bulk of one's armies light-years behind the front lines.
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