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Created by luckyluke (all)
Went public on 4/22/2012
Number of ratings: 49
Average rating: 2.4897 / 5
64 territories, 16 bonuses, 1 distribution mode


Old Glory (Fixed from advice from user)


Review by Daryle on 8/3/2015.
control the stripes and win the game
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Review by TheKraznaxSlayer on 11/18/2021.
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Review by Aaron on 3/13/2023.
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Review by Nathan on 5/13/2015.
It's a neat concept, but the execution could be greatly improved. First, anyone starting at the bottom has a great advantage in that they will be concentrating their armies for defense and offense at the same time. How nice to be able to defend all of your bonuses by piling up forces at a single point. I'm not sure even the introduction of the bomb card could defuse (sorry, had to) this situation.

Next, the bonuses, especially for the stars, are incredibly difficult to secure and aren't that lucrative. And I guess I don't get the "42" bonus.

Also, the layout is not all that attractive, especially of the star field. If you're using Inkscape to make maps, its tutorial can show you how to reproduce and perfectly align stars.
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Review by [REGL] Dimwit on 5/20/2012.
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