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Western Hemisphere

Created by Nate (all)
Went public on 2/25/2012
Number of ratings: 87
Average rating: 3.2873 / 5
114 territories, 24 bonuses, 2 distribution modes


I Do Plan To Redo this map. Hopefully very soon.

Made By Nate R.


Review by Moros on 3/24/2012.
This is one of the worst maps I've ever played. The map maker made a hundred treads for the same map, and never listened to any advice. The bonuses are unbalanced, the visual representation of Hawaii, Greenland and the Caribbean islands is a mess, and the Alaskan border doesn't include the panhandle.
The borders in any country but the US and Canada are completely made up, and then the maker says something like it being better than some mysterious map he's referring to. I can only but wonder why anyone would rate it a 4, I think the creator just made a bunch of duplicate accounts and rated it himself.
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Review by AmethyCyan [Retired] on 3/3/2017.
Relatively balanced, and an exciting land grab to people who just want to rack up income.
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Review by RainB00ts on 9/17/2018.
This map is hideous! The mapmaker mutilated the continents, the islands, and the interior borders of most countries on the map. I think he was too lazy to literally spend 10 seconds tracing images. I mean I can literally trace Greenland for 10 seconds and draw something better than the garbage representation of it on this piece of crap.
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Review by David Rader on 6/1/2013.
cool map
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Review by Seleukos on 1/22/2021.
Having played several fun games on Nate's Big Mexico I was interested to see a map of the Western Hemisphere by the same mapmaker. Having taken a closer look, I marvel at how much said mapmaker improved between this map and Big Mexico. The problems with this one are too numerous to list here, but I'll very briefly mention bad border tracing, bad bonus design, and a quaintly Anglo-centric definition of North America that includes only the US and Canada, which are allotted 61% of all territories on the map, those also being only sub-national territories with reasonable borders. Perhaps this map is best left forgotten.
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Review by Commander C {Warlighter} on 6/23/2012.
It's a great map, from what I know it's all accurate, but I think that Mexico, and Alaska and Hawaii should be worth more bonuswise.
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Review by Olorin on 3/29/2012.
Map is a nice challenge and allows a nice look at the western hemisphere in the future more attention to south america might add to another map.
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Review by Andalorium on 3/29/2012.
to be honest i liked the old bonuses but it's still a good map
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Review by leo empire on 4/29/2012.
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Review by Lugian Warlord on 3/22/2012.
One of the best maps that I have ever played on
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