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Created by Sverdsønn (all)
Went public on 2/17/2012
Number of ratings: 45
Average rating: 2.6888 / 5
16 territories, 4 bonuses, 2 distribution modes


The most used Sword in the medieval Orient

I know it`s a smal Map.
I crated it to test how i can fit the borders of the territorys better together


Review by Andalorium on 3/21/2012.
i think the design is cool
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Review by Knugen on 6/8/2012.
It is a Fun map for a fast game, however to use it as ranked game is not a good idea when playing FFA with four players because two of the starting territories is in a disadvantages postion. The posetive thing is that it is good for practise and 2vs2. So therefore I give this map three stars.
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Review by Olkani [PG] on 10/25/2015.
Nice small map
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