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Tuscany, Italy. (Toscana, Italia)

Unlocks at level 55 or with the Mega Maps Pack
#Real World  #Local  
Created by StereoTunic9039 (all)
Went public on 4/3/2023
Number of ratings: 11
Average rating: 3.6363 / 5
276 territories, 84 bonuses, 1 distribution mode


A map of Tuscany, a region in the centre of Italy, divided in municipalities (in Italian "comuni"). The bonus are based on online researches from various sites such as Wikipedia and the official Tuscany region site. I don't assure the complete veracity of everything reported, though most information should be freely available on the internet, so you can check for yourself. Fell free to correct me whenever you find a mistake obliviously. Almost everything is in Italian.


Review by sualkxela on 4/14/2023.
Really enjoyed how one had to develop an understanding of the armies given first in order to succeed in the long run. Well done!
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Review by PJABBER on 4/18/2023.
Interesting map with nice selection of bonuses.
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Review by Coenquistatore on 5/10/2023.
I really like this map: the different historical layers (non posso che apprezzare l'impressionante mappa delle stragi nazi-fasciste :o), transformed in rational and playable bonuses, show the level of dedication to a well done research, which usually is more unnerving than it seems (faresti felice Cardini, non fosse per il riferimento ai massacri).
On the graphical level, i can see the signs of the "simplify" function of inkscape, which leaves wild fripperies on the lines (it could also be the warzone editor), so i'd suggest the author to not be shy with the Bezier cursor and draw by hand his NEXT map (i hope to see something new soon ;) ): it can be a painstaking process but it's very rewarding.
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Review by EIGBM on 4/8/2023.
My complaints: the inset territory connections to the surrounding ones are not fully demarcated, and the lines are not drawn cleanly, but clearly pushed together and pulled apart by hand. It's semi-decent but I wouldn't quit your job making pizzas.

Yes the last sentence is a joke lel
Response by map creator StereoTunic9039 on 4/7/2023
I appreciate the review, the borders were not drawn by hand, at least not mine, it was a SVG I downloaded and used to recreate this map. I might have used the tool to reduce the size of the file (CTRL + L) on some territories, but I don't remember if that's actually the case. Some territory were united by hand because the SVG used is dated. I don't know if the last sentence is a joke or a common saying or something else entirely, anyway I thank you for taking the time to review this map.
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