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Geographical Ireland

#Real World  
Created by boxCatalogue (all)
Went public on 3/1/2023
Number of ratings: 12
Average rating: 3.4166 / 5
196 territories, 47 bonuses, 0 distribution modes



Review by (deleted) on 3/2/2023.
§: Me: type that boxCatalogue's map needs to be "better in its graphics". boxCatalogue: makes almost a master piece that have exaggerated bonuses that can make counterattack strategies easier, the best drawing of the island of ireland map in this game, with the detail has a unique geographical map of Ireland and Northern Ireland, and it's a cool map to play in basically any game theme.
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Review by EIGBM on 3/4/2023.
Too many dead-ends. I suggest adding in some cross-channel connections to alleviate this.
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Review by The_New_Kaiser on 3/5/2023.
Bonuses need to be reworked
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