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IS - Star Wars RP Map - B-Wing Edition

#Fictional  #Space  #Fantasy  
Created by Coenquistatore (all)
Went public on 4/27/2023
Number of ratings: 32
Average rating: 3.8437 / 5
1515 territories, 469 bonuses, 0 distribution modes


This is not the usual Star Wars Galaxy Map: you'll probably find mistakes, inaccuracies and lot of silly names; you may also find that your favorite planet is missing or that some other one should have been made huge like the big ones hovering over the corners of the map. All true, and i apologize for that.
Still, this map was hella fun to make and came from heart, so i hope you'll enjoy it nonetheless.

I want to thank the Immersive System Community for the support and the patience during my endless stream of consciousness and screenshots about the map and, especially, Yamada Sergata for the inspiration about the connections and for the whole idea to be honest, N.W. Blader for all his suggestions and encouragements, Niteclock for his support of the cause of Mimban, and of course Anathelius, Phoenix (for the Empire!), N.W. Valiant Leader and all those who, by being my guinea pigs, left their print (and names) on the map. A special thanks to Giamblico, Sara and Barbaruss for being such good friends :)


Review by EIGBM on 5/5/2023.
Hella cool map to be honest. It's good to see someone finally create a space map with planets that have more than one territory on them
Response by map creator Coenquistatore on 5/9/2023
Thanks! I'm glad you like it! The idea was to avoid bottlenecks (a thing the second version - Y-Wing - will probably do better) and allow for real battles to take place on the ground. Still, I can't say i was the first to add whole planets, as the previous SW map did have them, although i was inspired more by an old SW book (from the 90s) with stylised comics-like planets drawn in it.
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Review by Andalorium on 6/27/2023.
love the map, though double checking if lines are connections rather then divisions is a must. definitely need to think if you get the option of placement.
Response by map creator Coenquistatore on 6/27/2023
thx! I'm glad you like it!! Sadly, the lines were demanded to let the map be published; originally, there weren't many there.
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Review by The_New_Kaiser on 10/16/2023.
fascinating and very detailed map
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Review by coseyhead on 6/16/2023.
Too complicated. Too many unpredictable connections. Visually confusing. Nice piece of artwork, though.
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Review by Aaron on 6/23/2023.
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