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Huge Westeros

Unlocks at level 27 or with the Mega Maps Pack
Created by Koen27 (all)
Went public on 12/12/2022
Number of ratings: 26
Average rating: 4.4615 / 5
2345 territories, 893 bonuses, 1 distribution mode


Huge Westeros (and the Free Cities) by Koen27

(my 14th map)

This map is inspired by Limalia's Gargantuan Westeros. That map has almost everything but I felt like it was some things. There could be more territories, Essos (even if only a small part) could be added, and The North beyond The Wall should be larger, to encourage more interesting gameplay in that area too.

I had lots of help in creating this map, and I do want to thank them:
Jack Handy
Aekron of House Ulmerias
Gaming Snake
Mathis Rowan

Thank you all :D

Westeros is most well known from the HBO hit series Game of Thrones.

Most of the story takes place on the continent of Westeros and in a large political entity known as the Seven Kingdoms.

This map is perfect for all kinds of games. FFA, team games, diplomacy games, roleplaying games, and whatever other gamemode you can name. Enjoy this map, if you have any comment or feedback you can contact me via Warzone mail or here. Have fun :D


Review by Nathan on 12/13/2022.
I'm a sucker for huge maps and this fits the bill nicely. I like the changes you have made, particularly the little nuances like adding the gold mines in the Westerlands and making the islands of the Stepping Stones relatively inaccessible.

A couple of other flavor changes you might consider:
- Negative bonuses for each territory in the Neck negated by a bonus for controlling the whole thing.
- Moving the access to the Iron Bank to the City of Braavos itself.
- Perhaps lessening the penalty for owning multiple seats on the Small Council. I like only being able to benefit from one bonus, but the excessive penalties make the AI play very stupidly.
Response by map creator Koen27 on 12/14/2022
Thank you for your review, I will consider your proposals. As for the Iron Bank, I made the city area larger than just the Braavos territory. So it's kinda still in the city. This is so that you can have the possibility to have 2 different players as Braavos and The Iron Bank.
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Review by Jim on 12/15/2022.
Response by map creator Koen27 on 12/21/2022
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Review by o0lit3 on 1/3/2023.
On Limalia's Westeros, I usually bump the square castles up to +2 to boost the boats and coastal castles.

On this map, these defaults seem to make the boats and coastal castles too powerful (limited 2-game play sample size), but my initial instinct is to default the squares to +1 and the pentagons to +3.

Love the expansion into Bravos with the bank, newness of Freefolk expansion, and other nuances like the -10 entryway to Freefolk to bypass the wall.

Roads are also a great concept--some defaults that are more than +1 may be warranted.

The small council negatives should be expressed somewhere on the map proper for new players to the map.
Response by map creator Koen27 on 1/8/2023
Thank you for your review. I will put a small text next to the small council to notify players of the negative bonuses/penalties. Thank you
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Review by Bookworm21 on 1/1/2023.
Would be better if a Shield Isles bonus was included. Aside from that, though, great map!
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Review by Quick Study on 1/8/2023.
Greatest map!
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Review by Quixote on 12/17/2022.
Fun start, but takes a long time to finish. Last dozen turns, I just put all my new men in one territory and ended up with over 50k soldiers doing nothing while I worked my way to the northwest edge. Probably didn't help that I didn't start with any thing in the north.
Response by map creator Koen27 on 12/21/2022
This is a big map, so of course it takes many turns. This map is purpose built for diplomacy/rp games. you can try ffa or team games on it, but that's not what it is made for. thank you for your review though.
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