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Antarctica Big

#Real World  
Created by RainB00ts (all)
Went public on 11/8/2022
Number of ratings: 53
Average rating: 3.849 / 5
571 territories, 144 bonuses, 4 distribution modes


A geographical map of Antarctica, divided up into drainage basins and somewhat arbitrary regions based on topography. Territory names are mostly made up but I used real names where I could find them.
Antarctica is almost completely covered in ice. This map represents the land that lies underneath. If the ice were removed, much of the 'land' would be submerged. If the ice melted, accounting for sea level rise, even more 'land' would be submerged. However, without the ice weighing down on it, the Antarctic landmass would slowly rise over time and perhaps resemble something more like this map.
A sister map to the Arctic Ocean.

MOTW #407 winner. Map #18


Review by TresEspadas on 12/1/2022.
Best long map
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Review by Captain MAK Sparrow on 12/22/2022.
Response by map creator RainB00ts on 12/28/2022
glad you liked it
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Review by skarabaios on 4/24/2024.
Loved it
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Review by Aaron on 1/29/2024.
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