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IS-World War Supergame: Europe

Unlocks at level 30 or with the Mega Maps Pack
#WW2  #Real World  #Europe  
Created by athles (all)
Went public on 1/12/2023
Number of ratings: 17
Average rating: 3.647 / 5
3954 territories, 613 bonuses, 0 distribution modes


A map based on Paradox's Hearts of Iron IV. Terrain features such as mountain or swamp tiles are reflected in the map as impassables.

Additional off-map tiles included to facilitate potential rp needs.

Special thanks to Ultra's "Every Province a Victory Point!" mod as a major resource in helping me out naming the individual tiles


Review by (deleted) on 2/4/2023.
Super map. Plenty of opportunity to exploit big armies and outflank.
2 out of 2 people found this review helpful.
Review by AshMonsty on 2/15/2023.
Discovered a missing connection between Ust-Kolom and Kortkeros. Still a great map!
1 out of 1 person found this review helpful.
Review by TheCubeScrambler on 2/7/2023.
This map is amazing, especially with the sea tiles and sneaky bonus deductions. Only problem is how powerful the GM Slots are. They give 1000 per turn and adding all 4 gives 4000. The map of the week games were unbalanced because of that. Other than that, the map is great.
2 out of 7 people found this review helpful.
Review by Dan Douglas on 2/25/2023.
Too big, too much of a mess, and far too many connections. Halve the territories, get rid of the GM and exile slots and remove most of the water connections and it would be a fantastic map.
1 out of 5 people found this review helpful.