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#Real World  
Created by RainB00ts (all)
Went public on 10/3/2021
Number of ratings: 32
Average rating: 2.9375 / 5
35 territories, 8 bonuses, 0 distribution modes


A very simple map of Guinea broken in to its prefectures (almost) and regions. Some parts of rivers that divide regions are included as barriers. This is a contribution to the map every country project. Map #15


Review by Unknown Account on 8/25/2023.
Great map. Allows for fairly fun and strategic 1v1-s. Also works with 2v2-s. Keep mapmaking and improving!
Response by map creator RainB00ts on 9/6/2023
It's a terrible map by objective standards, but it's that niche strategic use that I was hoping would take off. Thanks.
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