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Distopian Europe 2000AD

Created by JackZ-420 (all)
Went public on 4/21/2021
Number of ratings: 21
Average rating: 4.1904 / 5
315 territories, 117 bonuses, 3 distribution modes


Alternative Europe scenario:
The axis have won ww2 by not breaking the Molotov-Ribbentrop pact. Italy, Germany and Russia are now in the year 2000 the 3 world powers, as Japan and the USA are still recovering from nuclear warfare in the 50s. With the tension between the three rising and rising three other powers are deciding the balance in Europe: Spain, Scandinavia and Turkey. In addition to this anarchist and independentist movements have been shaking Europe lately, starting to break apart the three superpowers.


Review by Keith on 8/20/2021.
Played this with 6 players and it's a challenge.
457 total armies and plenty of room for battles.
It's a skirmish after skirmish map; expect to battle the entire game.
Larger sized map means a much longer game.
I enjoyed it as I said, its a nice challenge.
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Review by Sherpafish on 10/8/2021.
Fun map!
1 broken link: Trabon to Sokhumi.
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Review by yinchiao on 10/11/2021.
lots of combinations and possibilities here, the superbonus spots keep it lively. Challenging, enjoyable.
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Review by Judeburger on 7/29/2021.
Dystopian? Have you seen Europe lately?
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