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Freie Hansestadt Bremen HB

#Real World  
Created by BattleNoob (all)
Went public on 4/20/2021
Number of ratings: 15
Average rating: 3.3333 / 5
89 territories, 27 bonuses, 1 distribution mode


Bremen is the capitol of the German two-city-state "Free Hanseatic City of Bremen".


Review by pitulnik on 6/3/2021.
Pluses: connections between the panhandles, quite balanced distribution mode.

Minuses: too big differences in territory sizes, connections across the river are unclear. As it has been
already mentioned, bonuses are hard to get and hard to hold.

Conclusion: the map has a good potential but IMHO still needs some work.
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Review by guezt1234 on 6/3/2021.
The map places the players in an urban combat. Since reinforcement, safety, and stability come rarely, every move is a gamble. Success in this strategic hide and seek requires fluid maneuvering and a better understanding of human psychology.

However, several aspects of the map make the experience less enjoyable, in my opinion.

1. The connections between the regions are unclear.

The irregular shape of the regions makes this worse for a first time player of this map. I have to take a while to figure out that we can’t move along the blue river with boats and the think black lines actually means bridge across the river. Maybe big gap between bonus and use bundled lines to connect.

2. Taking a bonus takes too much effort. Breaking a bonus is too easy.

The +1 bonus are fine. I feel the +3 and +4 bonus are worthless. The +3 bonus (such as Walle) requires taking a lot (6 to 7) of regions, and have lots of contact with other bonus. Holding the bonus for > 1 turn is always difficult.
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