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King's Archipelago

Unlocks at level 8 or with the Mega Maps Pack
Created by joeydavis761 (all)
Went public on 12/29/2020
Number of ratings: 34
Average rating: 3.8529 / 5
761 territories, 166 bonuses, 1 distribution mode


It looks like the clouds are rolling in....

This is a fantasy map and a group of fictional islands. I came up with the map name King's Archipelago because explorers named islands after royalty so it seemed appealing enough.

This map features good choke points and was designed for strategy games as well but the intended target of 250-350 territories for a good team game was perhaps overachieved and the map doubled the size. Still, not a bad thing for example distribute 4 territories to each player in those circumstances and by the way, 4 is actually the standard setting. It's small enough and large enough and an overall great medium-sized map. Enjoy it!


Review by Jose on 1/6/2021.
First off, I must say I was actually looking forward to such a great map. When I saw it, I knew I had to play it. I love how its a natural contender for an interesting local deployment games. I also love the little building/houses visuals on some territories, it really breathes a sense of livelihood on this map.

Possible areas of improvement:
1. Bonus imbalance: You have some bonuses that award 1 army for 4 territories and others that award 1 2 or 3 territories. I'm not clear on the thought process when all other bonuses are the # of territories - 3

2. Connections: not sure if this is intentional as some appear to have artistic barriers, but connections I noticed missing or out of place:

Some may recommend a super bonus for an island or chain of islands; I love how your map is great for Local deployment games without needing to override bonuses manually, if you do indeed go for it, I would like if you set such a bonus to 0 giving a player an option to alter it if they wish.
Response by map creator joeydavis761 on 1/12/2021
I appreciate your approval of the map. Means a lot to me.

The bonuses that have 1 army for 4 territories is because I think 2 is OP for bonus of 4 territories sometimes and especially on bigger maps, so in this map, I decided to use this system as an alternative and imo they work well for choke points in the early stages of games, only taking them when you can spare it. This method is favored by me because too much APT and early in the game is not so good sometimes, so it's more strategic to make bonuses a little tougher.

The more territories in bonuses with large territories should yield larger income than smaller territory bonuses and so larger bonuses should be worth more overall than smaller ones. Sometimes you see that taking a smaller bonus is more rewarding than taking a larger one.

Thanks for calling out connections. Am fixing them in the update.

And an islands bonus set to 0 is a good idea and will adopt this for you. I didn't want the game to offer too much APT but I will make the megabonus.
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Review by Perhaps on 1/5/2021.
The link between "Groto" and "Sloos" is missing.
Response by map creator joeydavis761 on 1/12/2021
Thanks and fixed it for the update.
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Review by smokinaces126 on 1/7/2021.
A couple territories dont link up like the should and no overall big bonuses for conquering an island but a lot of different angles to attack from. A lot of good battles!
Response by map creator joeydavis761 on 1/12/2021
Thanks! Fixing broken links.
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Review by Maxime Laravine on 1/17/2021.
A connection lacks between Flipsnodom and Garen.
Response by map creator joeydavis761 on 3/9/2021
I don't know where that is but maybe I fixed it? Sorry about that. New update will fill in the empty corner of the map and add about 200 additional territories.

Map sent for update: 3/8/21
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Review by Krieg on 5/9/2023.
Simple island hopping
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Review by joeydavis761 on 5/20/2021.
This Map is incredible! Perfect for Team games or an All Out brawl! Plenty of Choke points! Customizable superbonuses. The whole Shebang! It's bright and showy and not too messy. Strategic and large!
Response by map creator joeydavis761 on 5/20/2021
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