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Tatarstan region, Russia

Created by Roman Empire (all)
Went public on 8/25/2020
Number of ratings: 18
Average rating: 4.0 / 5
73 territories, 15 bonuses, 4 distribution modes


The Republic of Tatarstan is a federal subject of Russia, located in the south-centre of the country, on the coasts of such rivers as The Volga and The Kama.
About the technical part of the map:
1. All city and town bonuses (except The Capital), and the airport bonus consist of 3 territories and value 2 per turn.
2. All city and town bonus links are circles and yellow-coloured. The bonus link of Isle of Sviyazhsk is a circle and values 1. Nature Reserve and the airport bonus links are pentagons and value 1/2.
3. Any other bonuses consist of real administrative districts of Tatarstan.
4. Overlapping bonuses are absent to allow local deployments.
Enjoy the map :)


Review by Weter on 8/31/2020.
Бик яхшы!*
5 Stars!

*very good!
3 out of 3 people found this review helpful.
Review by pitulnik on 9/1/2020.
Unique concept, good graphics, interesting bonuses management.
3 out of 3 people found this review helpful.
Review by Rick Sanchez on 9/26/2020.
sick map. can you cover more eastern Russian territories.
0 out of 0 people found this review helpful.