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Hell - The Infernal Realm

Unlocks at level 33 or with the Mega Maps Pack
Created by (deleted) (all)
Went public on 8/28/2020
Number of ratings: 42
Average rating: 3.8333 / 5
1995 territories, 274 bonuses, 5 distribution modes


Idea of a Scary Map was requested by Rick Sanchez and so I took on the challenge. The idea reminded me of my first normal fog FFA not knowing where the enemies were and so forth, so thought a large map of Hell for large FFA matches would be exciting for players as they clambor through the realm of evil.

*I'd like to add a thanks to jtillustration for providing me with the framework.

Watch out for spring traps.

A great map to spill out your frustration against players you feel bitter resentment toward. Hope it's liked and appreciated by all audiences. Details are just part of the experience. Enjoy.

Map wraps around at the top in the middle and at the bottom. I think of it like an hourglass.

*I'd like to credit jtillustration for providing the framework for this map


Review by Nathan on 8/31/2020.
Incredible map - what a concept!

Alas, there are so many broken connections, particularly along rivers, that I can only give it 4 stars.

On a minor note, Trove should connect to Otherside. It's a huge dead end right now.
Response by map creator (deleted) on 9/3/2020
Nathan, I'm working on an update to fix connections but am having trouble making a Local Deployment game. I'm currently looking into it before I release the update.

I know how you feel about Trove Bonus but I want the map only where say level 1 connects to level 2, level 2 connects to 1 and 3 --> I'm not particularly fond of level 3 connecting to 1 and 5 and so on, so at the moment have no plans on connecting levels that are nonadjacent or that aren't in chronological order.

Thanks for the feedback and appreciate the criticism.
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Review by Oilers on 6/23/2021.
Response by map creator (deleted) on 6/30/2021
I fixed a link or two just recently, added some bonuses, and actually threw a few distribution modes so be sure to give generous rating 😁
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Review by okasan on 9/7/2020.
Amazing map. The effort and creativity that went into naming places alone should be worth five stars. Game play can be a bit linear, and the start is slower than for most bigger maps. Still, tremendous fun.
One down note, quite a few missing links (in particular along the shipping lines). A few I noted were:
Mad Path - Ears Smite A Wailing
Revenge - Spiritual Gloom and Despendancy
Bathym - Alloces
Azael - Asmodeus
Antique Prow - Laden Bark
Wartenborg Wheel - Fettered Chains
Running Streams - Muddy and Turbid
Bitter Fumes - Leucasps and Orientes
I am also not sure whether I should be saddened or delighted that Chinese Water Torture does not lead to Eternal Pain.
Response by map creator (deleted) on 9/12/2020
Lol, thanks okasan and appreciate the help. New update soon.
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Review by Zazzlegut on 9/14/2020.
Good map for team or multiplayer games. Too big for small numbers of players.
Response by map creator (deleted) on 2/3/2021
Depends on how many players you consider to be small and how many starting territories you get. Something like 4 is the standard setting.
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Review by DCross on 8/2/2022.
Very long and challenging!
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Review by Andalorium on 7/14/2023.
love the detail, connections and hidden connections, would play this map more then once.
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Review by samiam on 9/10/2023.
fun, great graphics, eerie
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Review by ikkai on 9/23/2023.
love the map but i feel like there is no gimmick, idk maybe i'm wrong but anyway i recommend playing this if you have lot of free time.
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