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World of Warcraft

Unlocks at level 20 or with the Mega Maps Pack
Created by Dosaki (all)
Went public on 9/3/2020
Number of ratings: 27
Average rating: 4.0 / 5
1714 territories, 304 bonuses, 3 distribution modes


World of Warcraft Map

- "Mountain" areas for quick access to other zones (at a penalty cost)
- The following areas:
--- Azeroth: (minus Mechagon and Nazjatar)
--- Firelands & Deepholm
--- Draenor
--- Outland
--- Argus

Thanks for the people who've playtested and those who alerted me to missing connections:
* Koshdukai
* Nathan Mckenzie
* Ashkandi
* Klingelton
* Kelsier
* Kretoma
* Fatty Davis Jr.
* Zanoth
* Nathan


Review by Nathan on 11/7/2021.
EDIT 11-7-21: Dosaki has done an excellent job fixing broken connections and addressing the prior limitations of this map. I can now highly recommend it for both lovers of Warcraft and of large maps. Great job!

I really, really, really want to love this map and rate it highly. It combines two of my favorite things, World of Warcraft and Warzone. Unfortunately, there are just sooo many broken connections that it is nearly unplayable in its present state. Once those are fixed, this will be a 4-star map easily.

To get it to 5 stars, we really need superbonuses. On a map this size, especially one that has massive negative bonuses, superbonuses will prevent the game from bogging down. Also, incorporating the negative bonuses into the superbonuses will give players some incentive (besides shorter traveling routes) to take them.

Otherwise, players will have to devote a significant portion of their budget to defending a ton of otherwise pacified territory (thus slowing the game way down).
Response by map creator Dosaki on 11/6/2021
I did quite a few playtests of this map to look for missing connections, and I thought I had ironed them all out.

Were you able to record any of those broken connections?

Regarding, super bonuses, the next iteration of this map will have just that.
Bonuses that negate the minuses and will also give you some extra once you capture a certain group of them. This way you'll feel like you're investing.

[Edit] Nov 2021: Fixed a number of broken connected and also added some super bonuses.
For my next version, I'm going to incorporate super-bonuses that negate the minuses too.
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Review by Zazzlegut on 9/10/2020.
Overly complicated for my tastes and it has a 16 bonus that unbalances the map.
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Review by Brak😡 on 9/20/2020.
nice map, with some imbalances between capitals...
found missing link btw <color=blue><u><link name="t_264">Redcloud Mesa</link></u></color> <color=blue><u><link name="t_263">Winterhoof Waterwell</link></u></color>
Response by map creator Dosaki on 11/6/2021
Fixed quite a number of missing links.

Added some super bonuses too.
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Review by Jxbrg on 1/15/2022.
This map is really unbalanced and kuck based. For some bonuses, you need to caoture 30 countries for only to gain 12 extra armies, while for 8 extra armies, you only need to capture 3. Or even worse, 6 extra armies by capturing only 1 place. I like the idea of a lot of negative bonuses and that you need to watch out not capture those, but these are not really good spread out. There are a lot of them on the left and right of the map, while there are almost none in the middle of the map and the one that are in the middle don't have a high negative number. So if you spawn solo in the middle of the map, you are almost guaranteed to win.
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Review by Rhinogamer on 10/26/2022.
Too clunky with all the hops all over the place, and so many negative zones littered all over. The map layout is great, and does a great job of matching the locations, just wish the map didn't feel so clunky to navigate.
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Review by Schlute on 4/27/2023.
Great Warcraft iteration. Would love to see one with shadowlands and now dragon isles.
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