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Created by Seleukos (all)
Went public on 8/3/2020
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Kiribati: An island nation that doesn't so much straddle the International Date Line as bend it to its will (UTC+14 means that there are parts of Kiribati that can be TWO days ahead of other places on Earth). The whole nation (comprised of three island chains plus Banaba, which is administered by a council of elders who reside in a different country altogether) is being gradually swallowed up by rising sea levels, and is projected to be the first nation-scale victim of climate change; which is not a pleasant thing to ponder so... look at the pretty colours on the map!


Review by Nabel Andy on 5/1/2021.
Thank You!
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Review by Builder018 on 8/18/2020.
Interesting but far too railroaded
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Review by Matt Schwartz on 8/12/2020.
To easy
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