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Big Earth - World Nations 2020

Unlocks at level 20 or with the Mega Maps Pack
#Real World  #World  
Created by joeydavis761 (all)
Went public on 7/16/2020
Number of ratings: 34
Average rating: 2.7941 / 5
289 territories, 388 bonuses, 1 distribution mode


Big Earth is a strategic map of 2020 Nations, dependencies, and territory contentions. My aim was to create a map similar to medium earth maps but with divisions based on Nation's borders and bonuses based on regions and subregions, comprised of geological, geopolitical, geographical, biogeographical, physiographical, cultural and yes, even economic influences.

Try your hand in a world domination strategy scenario to conquer the globe on Big Earth - World Nations 2020.

*Leveling rewards players with unlockables. Broadly, this allows players to alter the bonus sizes or remove them altogether, giving them scope to a virtually unlimited number of scenarios. Not high enough level? Get a friend or a fellow clan mate who is, to carve out the template you yourself have dreamed up. Imagine, conceive, transform the map and find that perfect balance you're trying to attain, whether genuinely, or for your own leisures!

Latest update includes balanced bonuses.

If you have any concerns regarding the map, contact me.


Review by Brat Pack on 11/20/2020.
The bonus structure and connected territories are waaaaay to confusing
Response by map creator joeydavis761 on 11/23/2020
Sorry about that my fellow critic 😉 but it's complexity and intricacy make it something special. The bonuses are usual and what you'd expect nonetheless and territory connections are just the nations that border each other for the most part. I know sea territories may throw you off but it's not a playground. It's like 3D chess like I've explained and it takes will and determination to master it.

I feel in my own generous understanding that, yes it can be complicated and confusing but it's practical too. Maybe the bonus boxes throw you a curve ball to use a baseball reference but it's ingenuity and if you open your mind, it pieces itself together.
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Review by pitulnik on 9/3/2020.
This map is pretty unique, the first one showing all existing states in one map on Warzone I think. Some disputed areas are also included. Howewer, some countries like China and Russia has too many neighbors, I do not like the idea of all countries equal.
Missing connection between Spain and Algeria.
Invisible connections: Seychelles-Tanzania, Kiribati-Chile
There is also a big trouble with territory names. Sometimes you have just Liechtenstein, sometimess full name is used. At the end, more than half of the bonuses begins "the Republic of" which is gramatically correct but makes any changing of bonuses nearly impossible, because you cannot find anything.
Three stars for me.
Response by map creator joeydavis761 on 4/6/2021
I fixed the bonus names.

China, Russia, Brazil all act as focal Points. You can option for stealth until you're ready for the big reveal. As much as I'd like to divide them up I have no current plans to. It's World Nations. They are relevant in their places and their function serves as beacons.

The connections are there too although Spain doesn't connect to Algeria. Look harder if you're going to rate. Details are in the focus and not the glance. That is the Prime Meridian and in the update I enlarged both the equator and Prime Meridian.
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Review by TheCubeScrambler on 2/21/2023.
This is a good map, with all the territories and countries I would want as a geography kind of person. The only problem is there is one invisible connection. That being with Easter Island-Chile. Otherwise, this is an amazing map!
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Review by Oilers on 6/26/2021.
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