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World Diplomacy - 1914

Unlocks at level 14 or with the Mega Maps Pack
#Real World  #World  
Created by JackZ-420 (all)
Went public on 5/22/2020
Number of ratings: 22
Average rating: 3.909 / 5
526 territories, 184 bonuses, 0 distribution modes


The world nations are on the edge of a war. Tensions built up over decades are now at their peek. Will the major empires have a quick win? Or will their vassals betray and undercut them? Only time will tell.
This medium-large map is set in 1914, not only this affects the borders, but also the density of territories (which is higher in Europe and lower in USA compared to nowadays) and the value of bonuses. I tried to balance every aspect of a potential diplomacy. The map is built to have British Raj, Canada and ANZAC as British Vassals; Indochina and/or Madagascar French vassal. This way the game is balanced, otherwise Britain and France are highly overpowered in Europe compared to what would be realistic in 1914. You could also put Finland, Ukraine, CongressPoland as a Russian Vassal if you want to nerf it a bit (I personally wouldn't because Russia in 1914 had the largest army in the world, but I do understand why you would). Thanks for reading, maybe write a review, but most importantly... ENJOY THE MAP! :D


Review by Wyrden on 8/26/2020.
Some balancing should be done to the size of the bonus, not exactly the values but it's nearly inconceivable that the whole of north germany or even italy remain a unified thing when subject to an invasion. Smaller bonus in terms of terrtories is the sugestion I give
Response by map creator JackZ-420 on 2/1/2021
I totally agree with you, north Germany in particular is very broken (in a negative way).
At the time I thought it was quite good, but now I can see the problems you are pointing out, I've learnt a lot in the last 8 months. I don't plan to change the map since it's my very first and therefore I'm okay with it not being perfect... Thank you for your feedback.
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Review by pitulnik on 9/2/2020.
Design, bonus placement and value. All of the basic things are good. The troubles appear as you finish ffa and try diplomacy. I agree with Wyrden and also complain about the missing colonial systems. They are not in distrubution mode or country bonuses.
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Review by wakko on 10/5/2020.
This is a beautiful world map. The bonus region area to bonus earned seem to be a bit out of balance but it is still very entertaining as-is. Perhaps the artist feels this fairly represents 1914 for diploma games. It is entertaining as a ffa world map that isn't too big or too small. Adding to favorite maps.
Response by map creator JackZ-420 on 2/1/2021
Thank you for your feedback.
To be completely honest I know bonuses are a bit odd and often unbalanced, as this was my very first map and I didn't have much experience in mapmaking nor Warzone in general. I'm very happy to hear that you like it as an FFA option too!
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Review by Lollibus on 4/1/2021.
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