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Created by Pretorian Leonida (all)
Went public on 5/8/2020
Number of ratings: 25
Average rating: 3.76 / 5
119 territories, 51 bonuses, 6 distribution modes


Hi everyone! This map is Runeterra, the world of League of Legends. I tried my best to represent the world of my favourite game, which i think perfectly fits a Risiko-style game.
Hope you enjoy!

Important: This is a fan project and every aspect of this map is IP of Riot Games.
This map was created under Riot Games' "Legal Jibber Jabber" policy using assets owned by Riot Games. Riot Games does not endorse or sponsor this project.


Review by icetwister1999 on 5/14/2020.
What too play.
This maps distribution settings are one of the best. factions mode is very nice for 5 or 6 player FFA, but sucks for teams. 11 player game is nice using Capitals. 2v2 looks like a blast too. If you do teams I would put a starting level cap on it.

Territory placement.
Noxus is just a little bit too big would of nice if some of it was some natural lands, say the Noxus lands on Ionia. Ionia will not give up the 3 Noxus lands on its borders for good reason. The Seas is a waste of time to get, would be nice if their was two parts to them then you might actually get a bonus for them. The map placement on some seas only has two attacks you can do, so I would have starting armies at 5. Map has nice balance of choke points. Most the territories are very well placed making it very fun to play!
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Review by Hroznatinsky on 5/15/2020.
Almost perfect! (one inpenetrable border without visible natural obstacles makes me to lower the rating). I love this map.
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Review by Capobest on 5/8/2020.
Really genius map
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Review by IRCARRY on 6/9/2020.
While fun, the bonuses are far too small for the large areas needed to gain them which leads to small groups that dont expand past 8-10 territories, sticking to the small area around one of their spawns, ro be given the bonus edge over any group trying to expand
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Review by TresEspadas on 7/10/2021.
great map
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