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Germany Huge

Created by [NL] Lucas (all)
Went public on 6/9/2020
Number of ratings: 30
Average rating: 4.3666 / 5
2948 territories, 576 bonuses, 6 distribution modes


Germany - The leader of Europe. An economical superpower with more than 80 million inhabitants. An oversized version of the Netherlands, where they speak a Dutch dialect. Whatever you may call it, it was about time it got a detailed map.

If you happen to find any missing connections, tell me and I will fix them as quickly as possible.

Thanks to fndtn many, if not all, of the missing connections have been corrected.


Review by Koen27 on 6/16/2020.
Damn this map is huge, I love it!
Lekker bezig!
Response by map creator [NL] Lucas on 6/27/2020
10 out of 11 people found this review helpful.
Review by zaphenath on 6/25/2020.
Many missing connections
Response by map creator [NL] Lucas on 6/27/2020
Hi zaphenath,
Thanks for your review, I understand it can be quite annoying if a map has many missing connections. For a map of this size however it is very difficult to fix them all, especially considering the fact that the shape of Germany maximizes the total connections.. I did play some test games and I have fixed many connections already, a new improved version should be public within a few days. If you however still encounter missing connections please notify me by mail so I can change them as swiftly as possible.
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Review by fndtn on 7/6/2020.
Non-adjacent areas with connection:
Alzey-Land - Rockenhausen
Bleicherode - Helbedündorf
Enkenbach-Alsenborn - Trippstadt
Grevesmühlen - Schönberger Land
Pausa-Mühltroff - Seenplatte

Adjacent areas without connection:
Aldersbach - Ortenburg
Arnsdorf - Eichendorf
Bad Köstritz - Gera-Nord
Bad Wünneberg - Lichtenau(Westfalen)
Barby - Kalbe
Beetzendorf-Diesdorf - Salzwedel
Bevensen-Ebstorf - Munster
Biblis - Wonnegau
Braunschweig-Innenstadt - Vechelde
Droyssiger-Zeiter Forst - Gera-Nord
Ebern - Zapendorf
Eisenberg (Thüringen) - Gera-Nord
Eisendorf - Rottenburg an der Laaber
Erlenbach am Main - Sulbach am Main
Kirchheimbolanden - Wöllstein
Bruchköbel - Hanau
Forcheim - Höchstadt an der Alsch
Freyung - Grafenau
Friedberg - Mering
Grainet - Neureichenau
Gräfenheinichen - Ragun-Jessnitz
Greussen - Sömmerda
Hanau - Maintal
Kastellaun - Kirschberg (Hunsrück)
Kirchdorf - Sullingen
Mammendorf - Mering
Neuhaus am Rennweg - Schalkau
Schleiz - Zeulenroda-Triebes
Tröstau - Wunsiedel
Wasserlosen - Werneck
Response by map creator [NL] Lucas on 7/8/2020
Hi fndtn!

Thank you very much for finding all those missing connections, that must have been time consuming! I have changed them all, a new version should be public soon!

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Review by Jpotenuse on 6/28/2020.
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