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United Kingdom Constituency Hex Map

Unlocks at level 15 or with the Mega Maps Pack
#Real World  
Created by Aaron (all)
Went public on 4/7/2020
Number of ratings: 16
Average rating: 3.6875 / 5
650 territories, 195 bonuses, 0 distribution modes


Frequently used on BBC Election Night, the constituency hex map gives each of the UK's 650 constituencies equal weight based on their political influence rather than its physical size.


Review by Phakh Gokhn on 4/7/2020.
Northern Ireland and to a lesser extent Scotland, have high concentration of 1 territory bonuses, which make those regions extra strong.

This map is not balanced for a fair strategic game and bonus icon placement make it hard to identify where the bonuses exist and what bonuses they border, as result playing on this map can become slow and tedious. There are too many bonuses to remember them all well, so players will be forced to constantly check the bonus icons, which takes away from the gameplay experience.
Response by map creator Aaron on 4/7/2020
Thank you for the review.

For this map, I wanted to include as much information as I could (hence the large volume of bonuses). I sympathise with the bonus icon placement, but when developing, I couldn't accurately place them without interrupting the hexagons.

However, in line with what you have said, I have been developing a second version of this same map with reduced bonuses which are more balanced. Hopefully that version will detract less from the gameplay experience.

Thank you for reviewing, and please do so again if there are any other suggestions you may have!
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