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Created by Unyoto (all)
Went public on 11/25/2010
Number of ratings: 72
Average rating: 3.1388 / 5
90 territories, 15 bonuses, 0 distribution modes


A nod to XKCD's excellent comic (slightly modified for 2010).


Review by SamStone on 3/16/2012.
Take wikipedia.... if you can defend it you will win
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Review by TheFlowerCitySavage on 6/29/2012.
Hilarious and downright fun to play for the Facebook Generation. Get alot of players for this one. It's awesome but quite difficult depending on where you start. *Spoiler Alert*, basically if you are in control of Wikipedia you are at a point of authority.
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Review by Mark-Dad-Of-Two on 4/12/2021.
Very Tactical with the right template.
We dropped Wikipedia to seven bonus.
Still a key square but not a straight winning one
For one v one try this
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