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Korean peninsula (and around)

Created by mantis religiosa (all)
Went public on 2/21/2012
Number of ratings: 127
Average rating: 3.559 / 5
160 territories, 44 bonuses, 3 distribution modes



Here it is, the Korean Peninsula and some territories around ! Relationships between the both Koreas has been strained, especially since the previous North Korean leader recently died. Even nowadays, some "accidents" break out in this region.
On top of that, the whole planet has been under threat for 6 years: North Korea finished his nuclear program in 2006 ... And it doesn't refrain from proceeding to nuclear tests.

I didn't just make the Korean map (current borders), because conflicts could spread around.

********* Advice :
- Do not put the Surveillance Card in the game's settings. Or just make sure than the other players will not use it for any "country bonus" !
- Do you want to play a war just between the North Korea and the South Korea ? Look at the Distributions Window.

I worked hard for weeks to creat this map (which is my first one !): I hope you will enjoy it !
(Special thanks to Heldroan, Inferno, Ozymandias and above all zero tso adamikëdana)

Good game !


Review by Andalorium on 3/19/2012.
i like this map and that it has more connection routes then if it were just the Korean peninsula
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Review by Ernacram on 9/4/2015.
cool map !
Very intersting with the Korea war scenario !
1 out of 1 person found this review helpful.
Review by pjw1496 on 6/7/2014.
the world war 3!
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Review by Lekko on 5/26/2012.
So, here's the situation; I was owning everybody, had an income of about 50 million, and then Kairla comes along, with 1 territory on 5 armies, and hacks! She gains 2000 armies on that one territory; and forced me to surrender or she would keep hacking until she had over 2 billion armies (since that is apparently the cut-off point for her hack), and of course, since I can't hack, I cannot compete with 2 billion armies; and I had to surrender. You should definitely ban her.
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Review by Orfadoos on 5/26/2012.
Once again, Lekki just surrendered to the enemy. I took hold of Japan, and strengthed Lekki's backside. However, Lekki once again MESSED EVERYTHING UP. I had said to lekki, that I wanted Primorsky and then Lekki said that he feelin primorsky.
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Review by Ironheart on 3/17/2012.
primorsky shouldn't even connect to north korea in real life
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