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Created by DanWL (all)
Went public on 1/20/2020
Number of ratings: 17
Average rating: 2.7647 / 5
49 territories, 24 bonuses, 0 distribution modes


Having started sailing in my childhood, I thought it was about time to make a map of the main parts of a sailing boat. Artwork contains influences from AUSC's traditions and funny stories.

Change log:
All territories properly support two digits.
Bonus Mid Deck (4) renamed to Crew Area (3). Crew Area excludes Helm deck.
Bonus Helm Deck (-1) added, is Helm deck.
Fixed Jib foot to Lower mast missing connection.
Fixed inaccuracies in artwork.

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Recommend settings: https://www.warzone.com/MultiPlayer?TemplateID=1277467