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Subahara Kingdoms

Created by Sakkeryyppy (all)
Went public on 1/20/2020
Number of ratings: 31
Average rating: 3.9032 / 5
257 territories, 29 bonuses, 0 distribution modes



Review by Hokusai on 2/7/2020.
Interesting. Once you find a good strategy you will win. Maybe increase the number of mines and airports, to get a better balance. Territory bonus can be more balanced. Overall a nice and challenging map.
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Review by Den-Sel on 2/18/2020.
Some weaknesses, but overall, I liked it.
I think the pirate ships negative bonus (-8) is way too strong.
I also think that the single-territory bonuses (oil and mines) are a bit higher than they need to be.
The other land bonuses are difficult to gain (many regions have a lot of territories, so bonus is not quickly captured), so games tend to become a struggle over those single income-generating territories.
Missing connections? - Ghorgol to Jokkinghaim Mines and also Peteria to Jokkinghaim Mines
Response by map creator Sakkeryyppy on 2/19/2020
Hmm. Maybe or maybe not. I like a high bonuses and the idea behind this map was a high "strategic resource bonuses" instead of focusing typical bonus areas. Pirates can give you high ocean control reward or destroy you, but maybe (-8) its too strong like you said.

The icons show where is the bonus, not that circle. I will do this kind of thing more clearly on my maps in the future. Thanks for the review/feedback!
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Review by warhawk on 2/19/2020.
I agree with Den-Sel. This map can also make you or break you just from the starting territories. If you get your picks you win otherwise you got a fight on your hands. This map made M of W Feb/2020 I don't know if I should give it a rating of 2 or 5 ! You got a 5.
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Review by Andalorium on 2/29/2020.
bonuses are too large and small in units to be truly effective, the and then if you can control the water ways it is game over for anyone else.
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Review by BenMacBoom on 12/5/2020.
Great map.

These pirates, airports and the oil / metal bonuses make it very special.

I love the pirates!
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Review by Keith on 6/7/2021.
Fast playing smaller map.
The pirates and warships make an interesting feature.
(Best strat is to just avoid the ships/pirates IMO)
Played with 6 players and it ran smoothly.
Overall a good map.
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Review by TresEspadas on 7/20/2021.
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