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Open Realm

Created by unicorn7 (all)
Went public on 12/30/2019
Number of ratings: 21
Average rating: 3.6666 / 5
217 territories, 99 bonuses, 0 distribution modes


This map was finished through the input of players in the Official 'Create the Map' Game, a multi-day open game taking place soon after this map was published.

In the Official 'Create the Map' Game you are able to name territories, create bonuses, and modify the map. These changes affected future versions of the map.


Review by Viking1007 on 2/24/2020.
Hmmm... Interesting map.
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Review by Bob on 1/13/2022.
This one takes you all over the place. Satisfying to put the nail in the coffin.
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Review by Perhaps on 1/14/2020.
This map has bonuses that are not clearly identified. Yes, with some examination, you can figure it out. But it should be effortless.

The territories that comprise most of the bonuses are not grouped by territories that share an island. This could make for interesting game play, if better colors or something made it clearer as to which territories make up each bonus.

Also, there are entire sections where there is no bonus. If, for example, you happen to start in the south/west section of the map, you might go 10 turns before you are able to reach all of the territories needed for your first bonus. Or to put it another way, if you start there, you might as well surrender.
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