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Unlocks at level 26 or with the Mega Maps Pack
#Real World  #Strategic  #Local  
Created by allusernamesaretaken12 (all)
Went public on 11/22/2019
Number of ratings: 23
Average rating: 3.8695 / 5
125 territories, 24 bonuses, 0 distribution modes


The name of this map is "Taumatawhakatangihangakoauauotamateaturipukakapikimaungahoronukupokaiwhenuakitanatahu". That is the name that I gave to this map and the name it had when I released it to Warzone. That still remains the name of the map. It is not called "Taumatawhakatangi" as incorrectly displayed by Warzone.

Taumatawhakatangi­hangakoauauotamatea­turipukakapikimaunga­horonukupokaiwhen­uakitanatahu is the name of a hill in New Zealand. Its name is pronounced "Toe-mah-tah-fah-kah-tah-ngi-hah-nga-kaw-oh-oh-aw-ta-ma-te-a-too-ri-poo-ka-ka-pee-kee-mow-nga-haw-raw-noo-koo-paw-kai-feh-noo-ah-kee-tah-nah-tah-hoo".


Review by NinjaNic on 11/22/2019.
That's a mouthful.

Pretty map!
Response by map creator allusernamesaretaken12 on 11/24/2019
Thank-you for your review.
8 out of 9 people found this review helpful.
Review by warhawk on 1/6/2020.
Map of Week, 12/29/19 Tough to get a win.
1 out of 1 person found this review helpful.
Review by TresEspadas on 7/30/2022.
really really good!
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