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Global Trade

Created by Murk (all)
Went public on 9/18/2019
Number of ratings: 6
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383 territories, 163 bonuses, 4 distribution modes


The advent of steam power has changed the economy of the world yet again: now, the world market is truly a global market.

Rubber trees from the Amazon are planted in Malaysia, and the harvest is sold by the British in America.
Silver from the Andes is traded in Beijing to buy silks for the courts of Paris.
Sugar from the Caribbean is used to make Rum in French manufacturies, which is traded for slaves on the coast of Guinea, which in turn work the Caribbean plantations.

With railroads and paddle steamers opening up the whole wide world for you, there is money to be made!


This map features only non-contiguous bonuses. Each bonus consists of several contiguous territories (where the product is made) and one city on the other side of the map (where the product is sold).
There is a small bonus link next to the territories, and a bigger (with values) in the ledger at the top of the map.

I wouldn't recommend playing this map with the AI or with less than two starting picks.


Review by adamg5 on 10/5/2019.
oof it, alright, okay,..
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