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Kyrgyzstan Large

#Real World  
Created by EbolavirusPandemic (all)
Went public on 4/23/2019
Number of ratings: 23
Average rating: 3.5652 / 5
197 territories, 79 bonuses, 0 distribution modes


A map Kyrgyzstan, a nation somewhere out there.

Made for absolutely no reason.

Bonuses for regions are .65 * the number of territories in that region.

The capitol at Bishkek is not a territory on the map but rather is shown in the inset.

There are bonuses for each of Kyrgyzstan's districts, equal to one less than the number of territories in each district (includes cities.). Bonus links for these have been omitted to reduce clutter on the map, however you may still see what territories are in which bonus using the magnifying glass button. Also all the territories in one district have the district's name in them (e.g. North Bazar-Korgon, South Bazar-Korgon), excluding cities.



Review by MagicMoney38 on 4/24/2019.
This map is one of the best maps I've seen yet. It is a map of my home, and has more territories than the other two Kyrgyzstan maps. I like the idea of how Bishkek is actually several territories, and an inset.
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Review by Bob on 6/13/2022.
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