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3D Chess

Created by SmokeEater (all)
Went public on 7/30/2019
Number of ratings: 25
Average rating: 3.32 / 5
64 territories, 20 bonuses, 0 distribution modes



Review by Jose on 8/1/2019.
map is very aesthetically pleasing, and its quite interesting for a 4 player FFA or 2v2, but a couple of thoughts/concerns

1. Corners give any player starting there a huge advantage since it has a single entry point. (This could be an interesting distribution mode to add as well for 4 players). If the corners themselves can attack each other (horizontally and vertically, games would be more balanced, although I understand the theme is 3D-chess.

2. Should columns have bonuses? I notice there are bonuses for rows, but what about columns? If the goal is to make this local deployment friendly, feel free to disregard the thought

3. The middle battle field should have a bonus for holding the board (ie: 10 units) given it will be the trickiest to defend. and I think the other two boards should also give smaller bonuses for the board (ie: 5 units).

All in all, a great job and thank you for bringing 3D chess to warzone.

Update: Mike, from your response, please add a corners distribution mode to the map
Response by map creator SmokeEater on 7/31/2019
My thought was for a four player game or tournament starting in the corners. I do like your idea and i may add that on "3D chess 2"

My first design has bonuses both directions but the bonus boxes got in the way so I got rid of them with the idea of making a different one later.

You are right, they should have a super bonus. I should add them in

Thanks for the feedback, it helps

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Review by Trevlay on 7/31/2019.
Great map. I do agree with Jose in that the center rectangle could use a bonus to make it worthwhile - otherwise, the strategy will always be get to a corner and move up/downward.

Really cool map overall, though!
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