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Created by Seleukos (all)
Went public on 2/5/2019
Number of ratings: 44
Average rating: 3.8181 / 5
92 territories, 26 bonuses, 1 distribution mode


Canada's fourth most populous province, divided into municipalities. The three northernmost ones are subdivided for aesthetic and gameplay reasons.

v1.1: Two airports (High Level Airport and Foremost Airport) provide instant connection between the north and south of the province.


Review by SkipReadText on 10/24/2021.
This map is what we were looking for playing in Alberta: however it suffers from a lack of wraparound. Though I did like Lac la Bivhe. Nice to look at but a poor map.
Response by map creator Seleukos on 12/4/2021
Thanks for the review! I'm kicking myself for the Lac La Bivhe typo. Edit: I've published a new version, which includes a couple of airports, for wraparound connectivity.
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Review by AbsolutelyEthan on 2/6/2022.
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Review by Keith on 9/26/2021.
81 Total Armies; so expect smaller, low number battles.
Straight forward map that plays pretty well.
I [played with 6 players and there were no issues.
A good, solid map, but nothing spectacular.
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Review by Bob on 9/13/2022.
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