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Hearts of Iron IV - Asian theatre

Unlocks at level 25 or with the Mega Maps Pack
#Real World  #WW2  #Asia  
Created by [NL] Goldtank (all)
Went public on 3/19/2020
Number of ratings: 58
Average rating: 4.1551 / 5
2834 territories, 530 bonuses, 0 distribution modes


this map is based on the game Hearts of Iron IV. Hearts of Iron IV is a war strategy video game developed and published by Paradox Interactive. Hearts of Iron IV is a grand strategy games focusing on World War II.
Production of this map started at the end of February 2019 and ended halfway March 2020

Thank to the Warzone MapMaking server on discord for helping me with some issues.
Also special thanks to IRiseYouFall for helping me testing this map.


Review by Nathan on 3/26/2020.
Wow. As we all know, the oldest lesson in the book is "Never get involved in a land war in Asia". This map, more than any other I've ever played, shows us why.

It is massive, of course, but that is only part of the epic gameplay it provides. The use of terrain to block otherwise adjacent territories creates so many bottlenecks and strategic redoubts. The relatively small number of sea connections means that you will be slogging it out for far longer than other maps.

I even got annoyed at how long it took to mop up resistance in the East Indies and Pacific islands - until I realized that that is exactly what island-hopping warfare looks like. What an incredible sense of realism!

Remarkably in a map so large, I found only a couple of broken connections. I may have forgotten one or two, but here are the ones I recalled:

Xiamen, not Quanzhou, should connect to Chiayi (on Taiwan)

Slvayansk-na-Kubani (Krasnodar area) should connect to both Severskaya and Aanapa (Maikop area)
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Review by IRiseYouFall on 3/19/2020.
nice map, really well made and detailed. really suitable for diplos and/or ffa
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Review by Nikitan on 5/21/2020.
Great map. I love the level of complexity of this map, and it is comparable with its European counterpart. However, I must ask: Why is this map slightly different? I don't see any state bonuses. I enjoy playing with those, as they allow me to add quite a lot of variations on the same map.

Edit: I see. It looks really complicated and some blockade cards should fire things up: However, use too many of them and you'll have to break through a blockade to continue.
Response by map creator [NL] Goldtank on 3/30/2020
First of all, thank you a lot by playing my maps. I really appreciate it.

I didn't add the state bonusses, because this map was aimed for FFA. the European map was more aimed for Diplomatic games. Because of that, I didn't feel like adding those extra features to it
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Review by Saeger on 3/22/2020.
Huge balanced Map
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Review by FireStorm on 4/7/2020.
Other that the lack of Sago being in the Japan bonus and the British Raj not being in the UK bonus, this map is the best map I have seen so far except maybe the Europe version of this map. I thank you for the incredible effort that has been put into this map, going so far as to have 751 territories in the USSR bonus alone. At this time it may be the map of the week and I am for sure voting for it. Thank you for this incredible map.
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Review by stikks on 4/19/2020.
Plenty of key starting points.I would say great for team play.1 on 1 could be a marathon,
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Review by duellum on 5/1/2020.
Very accurated
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Review by Fedon203 on 4/12/2023.
Very cool
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Review by Hroznatinsky on 6/23/2020.
Too easy
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Review by Matt Schwartz on 4/12/2020.
too hard
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