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India and China

Unlocks at level 12 or with the Mega Maps Pack
Created by ananasso_ (all)
Went public on 11/28/2018
Number of ratings: 51
Average rating: 2.8431 / 5
59 territories, 10 bonuses, 0 distribution modes



Review by Riskadverse on 5/8/2020.
Can be a bit tricky to start but once you get the "9" bonus it gets easier. I found the Yeti lurks in the west long enough to grab the eastern bonuses, Keep your reinforcement cards back and when he comes near your main stack, load up and blatt him Sure you lose your big stack but the yeti dose not have many bonuses. You do and reinforcements. Try it again and see.
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Review by captainlove on 7/18/2020.
I killed a Yeti !! Good map, 3 stars. Even though it's small, it's better than most maps up to this level. I really didn't know if I wanted to play this one as soon as I saw it had a boss on it (most of the maps with bosses I've found impossible to win) but I'm glad I played and found out this boss didn't split (well, doesn't split into more bosses anyway). I loved the big territories, all those map makers that think they have to have 300 tiny territories to make a good map should check this one out. Ok, now that I've played it about 20 more times, I'm convinced that there is no way in hell to get a gold star on this map. The closest I have got is 34 turns when I beat it the 1st time and I haven't gotten any closer since... I see no possible way to win in 27 turns with all the bonuses the Yeti gets. If the gold was possible it'd be a 4 star map.
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Review by Penrose on 11/30/2019.
There are too many adjacent territories that don't connect.
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Review by yinchiao on 7/8/2021.
takes quite a while to wear out the boss yeti
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Review by Gary on 11/19/2019.
Just annoying! Cannot see how to beat it and no strategy with huge spores popping up
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Review by Spuds on 12/1/2019.
bad map
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Review by Octo on 4/14/2020.
This map is simply terrible, the boss gets huge power ups (more than 100 armies in some turns) and this makes it totally impossible to beat . One of the worst levels ever!!!!
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