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Flower Wars

#Real World  
Created by Murk (all)
Went public on 9/20/2018
Number of ratings: 62
Average rating: 3.9516 / 5
530 territories, 151 bonuses, 6 distribution modes


At the turn of the sixteenth century, the Aztec Empire had conquered all it could conquer.
Those states that remained - the scrambled states of Tlaxcala, mountainous Teotitlan, Yopitzinco of the Tlapanecs, the Mixtec state of Tututepec, Metztitlan, the Zapotec kingdom of Tehuantepec, and others - managed to weather the Aztec onslaught.
Failing direct conquest, the Aztecs surrounded their remaining enemies, besieging them nation-wide. They harried these survivors with ritualistic mock battles - not to defeat, but to harvest captives for sacrifice and prestige.
Much more bloody than their name suggests, these were the Flower Wars.

For other areas of Mesoamerica these were also exciting times. In the West, the Purépecha were busy building the first true nation state of the region in Tzintzuntzan. In the East, the Itza were building a trade empire on the burned remains of the League of Mayapan. And far beyond the ocean, the Spanish threat was growing rapidly.
Whatever happens next is up to you.


Review by Lionheart on 9/21/2018.
I really liked this map, is a piece of art. I loved the distribution of bonuses and their values, congratulations!
Response by map creator Murk on 9/21/2018
Coming from the master of stylish maps, that means a lot! :)
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Review by Nathan on 9/27/2018.
Very cool map. It's rare to find maps where the AI is actually any good. This is one of those special few.

Unfortunately, there a LOT of broken or misleading connections. Some are just the broken variety. Others arise out of inconsistencies in the thickness of the borders. Sometimes the medium-thick borders act as barriers, sometimes they do not. This should be standardized.
Response by map creator Murk on 9/28/2018
Thanks for the review!

Yeah, there should only be two types of border, and only the mountains/rivers should act as barriers. I just messed up a few. Version 1.1 should fix most of those.
3 out of 3 people found this review helpful.
Review by Mephistophele on 10/9/2018.
Very well done. Map seems balanced and I likeso much the 4 cities start.
As with other Large Maps, the late game becomes a little boring, when the last enemy standing does not stand any chance at all, unless some error is made.
3 out of 3 people found this review helpful.
Review by Juanda Restrepo Duran on 1/17/2020.
Love this one. I'd change the cities to have bonus tho, eg: 1 army per each of the 4 city bonuses and 1 extra for the whole city or even the empire, it's pointless to have them there if they're worth nothing, 20 or 20 more army bonuses wouldn't affect negatively the balance in such a big map, also, it could help a little bit plyers starting near Nojtepen. Would apply the same to the bunch of void territories to the south, an I think it'd still be consistent with the fact that the relevant region lies somewhat between the center and the north after the star wars and collapse brought by Calakmul and Tikal.
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Review by Aaron on 4/23/2023.
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Review by Den-Sel on 9/22/2018.
It's just ok. I fail to see what the point is w/ the default 0 bonuses--the entire SE of the map, some in the NE, and also the 4 cities. Why would anyone bother w/ them since they give 0 income. Also, regions are quite unbalanced. If you start in the center or the NW, you immediately have lots small immediately obtainable bonuses. If you start in the SW and someone is close to you, good luck. And if you start in those regions w/ 0 bonuses, you might as well quit. Needs work to be playable.
Response by map creator Murk on 9/23/2018
Thanks for the review!

Luckily, there is the option to adjust bonus values!

The center is indeed stronger than the two corners, but being in the center is a less favourable position - since you will be attacked from two sides. Similarly, the two actual corners (the SE and the NW) are more defensible, but have lots of empty bonuses.
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