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GOT| Seven Kingdoms

Unlocks at level 40 or with the Mega Maps Pack
Created by Mudderducker (all)
Went public on 1/2/2019
Number of ratings: 38
Average rating: 4.0263 / 5
933 territories, 424 bonuses, 4 distribution modes


An alternative Westeros map to what has come before. Please let me know of any improvements/errors.

Many names (not in the books or series) based on a CK2 mod called Seven Kingdoms.

Thanks to the testers: Tac(ky)tical, Mista Sista , {Canidae} Kretoma, El-Sin
MrTrolldemort, λόγος , Chriger, Ogrezed, Cata Cauda


Review by Den-Sel on 1/7/2019.
I was prepared to dislike this map--after all, how can you beat Dameon's and even Kheimon's maps? But yours is actually quite original and different.

I do take issue w/ the made up names. Also the fact that the number of territories and superbonuses do not follow the lore; the North should not be stronger than the Westerlands or the Vale. You have 4 "Wardens" but typically you'd want the Small Council (Hand of the King, Master of Wisperers, Master of Coin, etc.).

Some connections are missing
Northworld - Bay of Seals South
and quite a few are down right confusing (the map shows water in between and sometimes there is a connection and other times there isn't):
Kimpton connects to Greenfield across, but Winkerton doesn't connect to Southery
Poolbrook connects w/ Dunnsbridge but not Darkdell
and a few others.

All in all, I liked the concept and the effort, but I found it uneven and sometimes frustrating when playing it.

EDIT Ah, I now see them if I zoom way in. Maybe change color? Make wider? Best.
Response by map creator Mudderducker on 1/5/2019
Hi, thanks for your response. It is a fair assessment! couple of pointers:

- I may look to reduce the north, I got carried away with the amount of territories OR simply bonuses can be reduced. BUT definitely some territories can be dropped.
- If its a problem I can change 'Wardens' to council positions.
- Northworld is broken, and Kimpton shouldn't connect there thanks! however the others connections you pointed out can be seen across bridges over rivers (to me they are quite clear) ?
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Review by Hroznatinsky on 4/20/2019.
Good, but definitelly not my favorite one.
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Review by Lucius on 5/19/2019.
Good map, i liked it. There's a missing connection between Fieldsview and Southery, close to Silverhill.
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Review by EvilD55 on 8/12/2019.
Good map! Really gotta pay attention, those little bridges are hard to see!!
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