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Yorkshire and the Humber

Unlocks at level 12 or with the Mega Maps Pack
Created by Lionheart (all)
Went public on 5/9/2018
Number of ratings: 8
Average rating: TBD (needs 10 ratings)
98 territories, 23 bonuses, 0 distribution modes


This is a map of Yorkshire. It is so named as it is the shire (county) of the city of York, or York's Shire.

 The countryside of Yorkshire is famed for it’s beauty, acquiring the nickname of "God's Own County”, and Yorkshire has many castles throughout the county. 
The culture of Yorkshire has been influenced by its history, including the Celts, Romans, Angles, Norse Vikings, and the Normans. The people of Yorkshire are known for being gritty, but fundamentally good people.

Special thanks to:
Quicksilver (map idea)
AWESOMEGUY, ZeroBlindDragon, kicorse (map testers)