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Elder Scrolls 3: Morrowind

Unlocks at level 24 or with the Mega Maps Pack
Created by Gallien (all)
Went public on 3/23/2018
Number of ratings: 44
Average rating: 4.1136 / 5
1453 territories, 457 bonuses, 13 distribution modes


This large map of Morrowind (precisely - Vvardenfell District of Morrowind) is intended both for diplomacy and strategic games - ffa and team games.

There are 2 councils on the map. Each consists of 3 seats. There is a system of antibonuses that prevents getting income from more than 1 seat of any council. Not all of those antibonuses are shown on the map. The general rule is this: no matter what combination of seats you hold, you always get only one positive bonus - the biggest among the ones you have.

Notice that the central region (house Dagoth) is connected to the rest of the map through only 2 territories - one in the south, one in the north.

Bonus Name Tags:
Council - all council-related bonuses and antibonuses
SB - superbonus
MB - megabonus (high-level superbonus)
DC - Dagoth Campaign (4 bonuses for special scenarios, that are turned off by default)

Basic 3vs3 team game template:
(Autodistribution, 3 starts per player, 1 neutral)


Review by Nathan on 3/26/2018.
I greatly enjoyed playing on the other Morrowind map, and this one is no different. It is a bit easier to wrap one's head around, so that's a positive. It provides a similar level of strategic challenge as there are just so many connections, bottlenecks and varied bonuses. It is a great work.

I did find a missing connection between Anudnabia and Darothril in the eastern Tevlanni islands.

Also, House Dagoth is a sufficiently isolated as to create a bit of imbalance. Perhaps connecting the two almost-connections in its SE and NW would help.
Response by map creator Gallien on 3/26/2018
Thank you for the review, Nathan!
I'll fix the broken connection immediately.
As for the isolation of house Dagoth - it is a lore-based thing. The Ghostfence was built around the central mountain to isolate house Dagoth - and only 2 ways on the mountain were left. So I decided to stick to the lore here. Secondly, there are similar regions on other maps - most part of the "beyond the wall" region of Limalia's Westeros map is connected with the rest of the map through a 1-territory bottleneck. Here house Dagoth has 2 connections, which is twice as many! So I prefer to view it as a feature, not as a bug :) But now I think that I should include a note about house Dagoth into the map description.
Thank you for your kind review. It is great that there is Nathan, who always responds to new maps!
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Review by A_B3 on 3/31/2018.
Huge and a variety of different strategy elements make for a great game. Well done.
Response by map creator Gallien on 4/1/2018
Thanks, A_B3! I'm glad that you liked it!
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Review by PsychoCat on 4/4/2018.
Marathon...but a good one!
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Review by warhawk on 5/16/2018.
Loved the "transporters and the Ships.
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Review by EvilD55 on 8/13/2019.
many twists and turns
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Review by Milan Obradovic on 9/23/2021.
too many territories
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