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5 Coma

Created by AbsolutelyEthan (all)
Went public on 7/12/2018
Number of ratings: 29
Average rating: 3.6551 / 5
289 territories, 85 bonuses, 1 distribution mode


An Evolution of my 4 Coma map (warlight.net/Map/17022-4-Coma).
and my 6 Coma map (warlight.net/Map/18276-6-Coma)

The idea is to have 4 players layouts exactly the same, and introduce 1 new player that will play differently, yet still be balanced with the other 4.

Designed for a 5FFA, use the main distribution mode "5coma".

There is a 'key' in the bottom right of the map explaining teleporters.


Review by Save_The_Marsh on 8/26/2018.
never been here, maybe when I go here I'll rate it 5 stars
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Review by Cursona on 7/19/2018.
Despite a solid premise and talented supporting cast, Pixels is another shallow addition to Adam Sandler's product line.
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Review by Nathan on 8/21/2019.
I really liked 4 Coma, but when I saw the idea for this I was concerned that the decentralized Orange team would have a much rougher time than any of the colors with homes. Having played as Orange, I think I can conclude that it does. That being said, the disadvantage is not too great; it is readily possible to win as Orange. So kudos to Thanos for a surprisingly (because of its appearance) balanced map.

I give it a 4 because the castle-type areas for each of the non-Orange colors are very spread out, despite being clumped close to one another. I suggest that each color's "home" territory connect in all four directions, not just the one.
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Review by The General on 10/21/2018.
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