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Master Mania

Unlocks at level 54 or with the Mega Maps Pack
Created by Lionheart (all)
Went public on 10/25/2017
Number of ratings: 137
Average rating: 3.9635 / 5
162 territories, 569 bonuses, 0 distribution modes


Special thanks to MASTER clan

This map was made in honour of the 5 warriors who were destined to protect the Kung Fu Panda Kingdom and Jade Palace. Have your pick of Po, Tigress, Mantis, Monkey, Crane, and battle it out with Tailung!

The bonuses on this map are crafted in a way that controlling 1, 2, 3 or 4 territories in a bonus will grant different income. You can use the bonus table on the map to tell how much income you will gain or lose for controlling a certain amount of territories in a bonus. Be aware that there are a total of 10 biomes, each with its individual color and income distribution.


Review by Deadman on 10/26/2017.
This map uses the same bonus system as Issander's Africa. I was a bit disappointed that Issander's bonus system wasn't widely used in the maps that followed. It adds an amazing layer of strategy to the game. Africa had text on the bonuses and similar colored bonuses adjacent to each other which raised visibility concerns.

But this map addresses all of those issues. I love the way bonuses have a dark outline on the outside and the internal territories have a lighter shade of the same color. The bonus symbols are a nice touch and help you find them faster. You can also click on the symbol in the legend and it will outline all bonuses of a kind, which really helps in the picking phase.

Thank you so much for this beautiful map :) If you ever make another map, please consider adding bonuses with different number of territories in the bonus(This map has 4 in each bonus)
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Review by Cowboy on 10/26/2017.
Great map as usual by Lionheart, loooking forward to playing this and I'm hoping to see more maps use a similar bonus system.

One thought though. The grey and yellow bonuses seem kind of clustered, I'll have to play a few more games to see if it unbalances the map much. Overall though great map, should be great fun.
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Review by Xenophon on 10/25/2017.
Loved the map so much I gave it 5 stars, in spite of it having a bonus dedicated to Jefferspin, who I hate.
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Review by kyte on 12/1/2017.
Have you ever had that moment when you realized you weren't the hot one in your friend group? That you rounded things out and were nice to be around but at the end of the day the main attraction was someone else?

That's how all other maps on Warzone should feel regarding this map. I like the aesthetics- they're beautiful but subtle and simple enough to actually be useful while playing. The scare factor of African Elitism is gone. And it's so playable, with lots of rooms for clever tricks thanks to the partial bonus system.

When I go to bed every night and think about all the mistakes I've made in my life, all the pathetic moments that I wish I (and everyone else) would just forget like they never happened, this is what makes up for it all. When I wake up and wonder whether the world is truly worth facing one more time, it's this map that keeps me going.

Thanks, Lionheart, for this true masterpiece. I *love* this map the way a man loves another man (it's 2017 y'all).
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Review by Kezzo on 10/25/2017.
Amazing! really fun and well made template! Elitist Africa 2.0!
8 out of 11 people found this review helpful.
Review by Noxinator on 11/2/2017.
I wish more maps used this bonus structure
5 out of 5 people found this review helpful.
Review by Scrooge McDuck on 10/25/2017.
Very well designed and it looks really funny to play! This bonus system is the future of warlight
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Review by {{NeRo}} on 10/25/2017.
I mostly love ❤️ the Chinese food bonus
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Review by INSIDE on 11/19/2017.
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Review by Kellhus on 2/12/2018.
Really like the Unusual (note the typo in the map explanation) bonus system. Takes an extra level of strategic planning to anticipate what type of bonus to take little by little and which needs to be taken in one or two turns.

Nice layout and graphics as well. Thanks for the map!
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Review by JK_3 on 11/8/2019.
Intresting concept with the bonuses.
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Review by warhawk on 12/13/2017.
Sorry, but I don't get it !
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Review by Jefferspin on 10/25/2017.
Best map ever.
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