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Vienna - Subway Lines 2020 (Wien - U-Bahn-Lines)

Unlocks at level 8 or with the Mega Maps Pack
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Created by Lionheart (all)
Went public on 9/27/2017
Number of ratings: 68
Average rating: 3.9117 / 5
404 territories, 91 bonuses, 7 distribution modes


Territory divisions reference:

U-bahn-Lines reference:

Special Thanks:
Cata Cauda


Review by Nathan on 10/6/2017.
It's a nice enough map (although there a connection broken between Ober-Baumgarten and Huetteldorf), but for a map about subway lines, it feels like the conflict over the lines themselves is secondary.

No one can realistically capture an entire line until the endgame, so they have no bonus value. Tactically speaking, it's easier to defend the land bonuses, even from multiple subway stations, than to attempt something that will span the entire map. I recommend trying something different - perhaps making each subway station worth one bonus army (or more, for the stations with multiple lines passing through them). This will force players to focus on the subway.
Response by map creator Lionheart on 8/16/2018
Thanks for the review and suggestions, Nathan.
I will improve the map with your observations possibly
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Review by Bonesoul on 7/17/2018.
Another excellent map, its always great when someone takes the time to create a real environment in such detail. The only thing I would change is give bonuses for shorter stretches of subway lines, at the moment they are too long to make trying to get them an effective tactic (in my opinion only). Again well done great work!!
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Review by blob on 1/23/2018.
Really cool idea. I think other maps will mimick the idea of multiple paths. I found many of the connections hard to understand without resorting to clicking on a territory. More clarity about that would make the map more fun to play. I won against 3 AIs relatively easily because I got a great starting position. I suspect that usually this map would be very difficult because of the high connection degree. Takes much longer to play than other maps I've seen with a similar number of territories.
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Review by Erzherzog on 5/7/2020.
a very good and authentic map.
I am from Vienna and here are all districts and their subdivisions are well named as well.

I like that there are also the subway lines. ...only: there is no U5 in Vienna (the U6 exists - that's confusing, I know).
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Review by ciannaaperta on 10/4/2021.
Was it really necessary to oblige the deployment of ALL the troops? Late game is lame. Could be a five star map, it's gonna be a 2 star.
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Review by Bob on 6/21/2022.
Frustrating, challenging, creative, satisfying.
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Review by Dr.Bormental on 1/4/2019.
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