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Seven Years' War

Created by Murk (all)
Went public on 5/15/2018
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1769 territories, 865 bonuses, 6 distribution modes


On the farmlands of Saxony and the shores of the Rhine, Prussia and Austria war over ancient claims on Silesia. Between the forts of the Great Lakes and the forests of Acadia, colonists and natives fight for home and hearth. In the suburbs of Calcutta and the coasts of the Carnatic, the French and British tradesmen use a bloody succession war to forge empires.
The Spanish fight for a dynasty; the Portuguese peasants for peace; the Russians fight for recognition and the Swedish for revenge.

It is the Third Carnatic War; the French and Indian War; the Pomeranian War; the Third Silesian War; he Fantastical War; the Invasion of Manila, Havana and Sengal, the Expulsion of the Acadians, the Black Hole of Calcutta: it is the Diplomatic Revolution and over a million deaths -
All in less than a decade.

It is the year 1750 and the Seven Years' War is about to begin.


Review by Murk on 5/16/2018.
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Review by A_B3 on 5/21/2018.
A very complex map. The control of the oceans is difficult and challenging.
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