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#Real World  
Created by Clint Eastwood (all)
Went public on 2/28/2017
Number of ratings: 26
Average rating: 3.3076 / 5
53 territories, 10 bonuses, 0 distribution modes


Bonus values are however many outside territories the bonus has, -1. Though some may think it unbalanced, I think it makes for a good strategic map--rather than focus on expanding, you must focus on defending. It's not at all easy to win.

Note: This map was made with FFAs in mind. In 1v1 situations, it can become quickly unbalanced. 4+ players recommended.

Also, apologies in advance for the huge file size for such a small map; I didn't want to have to make the islands five times bigger than they are.

Version 1.1: Fixed visual problem described by Nathan.

Map #11


Review by Daryle on 3/13/2017.
Nice map the Bonuses are a little off sided but fun play.
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Review by Nathan on 3/2/2017.
Challenging map. I give it only 4 stars because of the visibility issue. I get why the mapmaker made it the size he/she did - that's not the problem. Rather, the 7 (at least) layers of outlines around the land are bright enough to make the territories blurry when they are of such small size. I would recommend darkening the outlines and/or reducing their number and/or increasing the stroke thickness on the territories themselves.

Other than that, this is a fine and challenging map.
Response by map creator Clint Eastwood on 3/9/2017
Thanks for the feedback! I'll try getting around to doing that.
Edit: done.
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Review by Hitler on 4/3/2020.
no sale polonia
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Review by Nabel Andy on 4/30/2021.
Thank You!
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