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NYC Subway System

#Real World  #Local  
Created by asmanwoks (all)
Went public on 2/14/2021
Number of ratings: 18
Average rating: 3.5555 / 5
141 territories, 74 bonuses, 1 distribution mode


An interesting look on the systems of the subway in the great New York City, many aspects are inspired by a particular Metro 2033 Map plus some twists on it's own! This map by no means is a serious competitive zone, rather it is a fun map with fun bonuses!


Review by TheIllusion360 on 3/9/2021.
Simple, pretty and fun to play. Big fan
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Review by pitulnik on 3/15/2021.
This map is supposed to be fun to play. I won't say a word about strategy as it isn't the point but IMHO it still needs some work to be really fun to play. The idea is good, it has some system and good graphics too but I have some objections about bonus values and jumping across territories (details in PM).
On the other hand, negative bonuses look weird but they work.
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